White Pig - Starring: Julie R. Elgaard, Marie Louise Wille, Gerard Bidstrup

White Pig

Julie R. Elgaard, Marie Louise Wille, Gerard Bidstrup, Malte Frid-Nielsen, Jannik Jensen

The story of White Pig is shown through two pairs of eyes. Initially, the story begins with Jens (Bidstrup), seemingly a very pleasant, normal guy but hiding a sordid past. He turns to murder when his fear and paranoia of foreigners become stifling. Then, the story shifts to Mia (Wille), who is a police officer tasked with finding a mysterious killer’s identity. Mia finds herself at risk and in dangerous territory as she gets closer and closer to the truth. Fear and justice will meet in the back alleys of Copenhagen, Denmark./b> that was released during the film's production period.

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