Bloodrayne Movie Photo Gallery


Director: Uwe Boll
Cast: Kristanna Loken, Michael Madsen, Matt Davis, Will Sanderson, Billy Zane, Udo Kier, Michael Pare, Meat Loaf, Michelle Rodriguez, Ben Kingsley

It's 1723, and evil rules Eastern Europe. Lord Kagan (Ben Kingsley) has so much power that no one stands boldly against him; no one would dare try. As great as his power is, however, Kagan has an opportunity to become invincible: Three secret treasures, once united in his presence, will give Kagan immortal powers of untold horror. But there is some hope. The Brimstone Society is a small group made up of men and women who have banded together to care for each other, avenge the weak, fight evil and perhaps restore law and order to the rest of society. As these two forces converge, there are whispers across the land about a legendary young woman (Michelle Rodriguez) who might harbor the secrets to defeat the mighty Kagan. Will the members of Brimstone find her before Kagan does? If they find her, will she help them or go her own way? And what is her dark secret that would make even Kagan fear her? 

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