Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez - License to Kill

Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez - License to Kill

Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez: Main antagonist. The most powerful drug lord in Latin America, mentioned as having been wanted by the DEA for years.

License to Kill: James Bond (Timothy Dalton) returns with a vengeance in LICENCE TO KILL. Having just witnessed his best friend's wedding, Bond is shocked when he learns that ruthless drug runner Franz Sanchez (Robert Davi) has assaulted the couple on their honeymoon, killing the bride. Assisted by the twiggy Drug Enforcement Agent Pam Bouvier (Carey Lowell) and the gadget wizard Q (Patrick Llewelyn), Bond resigns from Her Majesty's Secret Service and pursues justice on his own. Perhaps the darkest of the 007 films, LICENCE TO KILL, exhibits a previously unseen side of James Bond. Maniacal at times, ex-agent 007 detonates everything in his way on the road to avenging his friend's bride. The 16th installment of the James Bond series, LICENCE TO KILL, veers away from the pick-up artistry and light interlocution of former 007 films. Instead, director John Glen, gives the audience a crystal clear view of the man behind the martini glass.

Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez - License to Kill Figure

Robert Davi is the drug dealer Franz Sanchez in the hit James Bond film Licence to Kill. This figure is an excellent representation of DaviSanchez comes equipped with:a Micro UziMachetehis pet Iguana with the Diamond Necklace.Robert Davi is known primarily for his character work as cold-blooded villains and hard-boiled cops. In Licence to Kill, Davi starred as the evil Franz Sanchez opposite Timothy Dalton's James Bond. Even though Davi had numerous film credits to his name such as City Heat, The Goonies, Raw Deal, and Die Hard, his role as a Bond villain Franz Sanchez placed him in the international spotlight. After playing Sanchez, Davi went on to star in the films Predator 2 and Showgirls and the hit TV series Profiler. He continues his active career in both television and film.

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