David Boreanaz as Angel - Angelus

David Boreanaz as Angel / Angelus - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Angel is a vampire who is cursed with a soul, a punishment designed to make him suffer for his past crimes committed under the name Angelus.
Angel is the epitome of the irresistible vampire: tall, built and brooding with dark hair, dark eyes and is astoundingly handsome. Most women who meet him instantly fall for him, but it is people like his true love, Buffy, and others like Cordelia who are able to see past mere good looks and see his good nature and character. As such, because of his physical beauty, he is suitably named 'The demon with the face of an angel' or 'The one with the angelic face'.

Angel - Sideshow Exclusive Figure

Angel - Sideshow Exclusive Limited Edition of 500 The 12-inch 'City of...' Angel figure includes: Authentic likeness of David Boreanaz as Angel. Fully articulated body with 30+ points of articulation. Costume Includes: Black 'Leather' Jacket Black Shirt White tank top Black 'Leather' Pants Accessories include: Twin wrist-mounted stakes Short sword ~~ Battle Axe - Sideshow Exclusive ~~ 12-inch figure display stand with a print of the Angel series logo. Sunnydale was too full of memories heartache for a man freshly returned from Hell and facing his own personal demons. Unable to find peace or let go of his feelings for Buffy, Angel looks for a fresh start in Los Angeles, a city overpopulated by demons, warlocks and some really nasty lawyers. Angel becomes the champion of the innocent and the defenseless, fighting the preternatural and supernatural alike. Together with Doyle, a precognizant half-demon sent by the Powers That Be, and Cordelia Chase, the former cheerleader turned career gal, Angel forms 'Angel Investigations, Inc.' The detective agency specializes in helping the helpless, often facing demons, ghosts, vampires, and other assorted beasties. Time and time again, Angel and his team trace the nefarious, illicit, and the evil to Wolfram & Hart, attorneys at law. The outwardly respectable law firm is at times subtle and at times bold, but always determined to either eliminate Angel or turn him to their purposes, willing or not.

The Origins Angel aka Liam / Angelus Figure

The Origins Angel aka Liam/Angelus Edition 12 inch Figure features: * Over 30 points of articulation * Authentic Liam/Angelus portrait, complete with Darla's bite detail on his neck * 17th century-styled clothing, including a ruffled shirt, embroidered vest, slop pants, stockings and shoes * The Orb of Thesulah * Several small animal bone piles * Ceremonial skull with pillow * 12" Figure display stand featuring the Buffy the Vampire Slayer logo * Sideshow Exclusive: Ceremonial Candles

Liam / Angelus Figure - From the TV Series Angel starring David Boreanaz

Liam, who angel was before he turned into a vampire.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel Sideshow Action Figure

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - David Boreanaz as Angel Sideshow Action Figure

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